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We take our responsibilities very seriously, to manage the estates for their own and the community's benefit, whilst securing them – and the wildlife and commercial enterprises they support – for future generations.



All of the work carried out by Fasque & Glendye Estates in protecting the environment aims to involve the local community where possible, within approximately a 15-mile radius. The estates directly represent the livelihood of around 40 people, and the ripple effect extends far beyond. The Bridge of Dye steading development represents the start of the formation of new communities, and will act as a blueprint for further, similar development. As part of the estates’ plan to engage fully with the people who live on them, a community blog has been instituted to encourage conversation and local commerce.


Generations of experience come into play where the skilful management of a vast wilderness estate is concerned, and the Fasque & Glendye Estates are fortunate to be able to call on the expertise of many loyal and longstanding members of the community, whose parents and grandparents showed them the way. The aim today is therefore not only to be self-funding, but to plough sufficient surplus from the estates’ various activities straight back, to ensure their future for generations to come.