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Two ancient sporting estates in the highlands of Scotland occupy a natural wilderness that has been managed with passion and care by generations of the same family for almost 200 years.

Our heritage is ancient but our outlook is modern

Fasque & Glendye are long-established sporting estates which together cover 38,000 acres of spectacular, unspoiled, natural wilderness in the north-east of Scotland. Combining moorland, lowland arable farming and managed forestry, these two great Grampian estates march side by side in an unbroken arc from Strachan, near Banchory, in the north, to just beyond Fettercairn in the south.

In 1829 Fasque was acquired by John Gladstone, a Liverpudlean merchant of Scottish extraction and the 1st baronet of Fasque & Balfour, whose son William Ewart spent much of his childhood there before growing up to become Prime Minister to Queen Victoria. The Glendye estate was added in the 1840s.

Today the estates are owned and managed by Sir John Gladstone’s great, great, great grandson, Charles Gladstone. Under his stewardship the estates combine a fine sporting tradition – offering shooting, stalking and fishing – with a new modern outlook which welcomes visitors to stay at Balbegno Castle and enjoy the immersive experience of walking, running, orienteering, cycling or camping in this unique environment. The estates are also home to a community which includes nine tenant farmers, many residential tenants, a large team of estate employees, a team of regular contractors and a number of commercial enterprises including the growing of Christmas trees and extensive forestry.