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With thriving, expertly managed forestry and two successful Christmas tree businesses, Fasque & Glendye estates not only support themselves, but are active contributors to the economy and generators of local employment.



Glendye Estate is home to approximately 10,000 acres of some of the finest woodland in Scotland, with a wide variety of species including Scots pine, fir and broadleaf. The forestry work carried out here is an important component in the successful running of the estate, as well as a significant contributor to Scotland’s economy through jobs in wood processing, haulage and forest management. Our policy is to follow low-impact agricultural systems with the aim of ensuring continuous forest cover replenished by natural regeneration. This is achieved by continuously thinning out the woodland, allowing light to reach the forest floor and seeds from the higher, longer-established trees to fall and germinate naturally.


Further information can be obtained from our forestry consultant Iain Ballantyne, who can be contacted on 07753 399152.